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Mairie de Chamalières

Ville de référence et d'innovation

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Built heritage


Chamalières has several buildings included in an inventory of protected historical monuments.

Les éléments de patrimoine

  • DéplierChurch of Notre-Dame

    Listed since 1840

    Church of Notre-Dame  - JPEG - 15.1 kb
    Church of Notre-Dame

    The Notre-Dame Church is a remarkable monument that romantic painters and designers have often chosen as a subject. It is of Carolingian origin, without a transept. In the thirteenth century, the canons brought many changes, in particular replacing the Roman pillars with Tuscan pillars.

    Until the Revolution, a sort of dome (as seen on a drawing which represents Chamalières in the fifteenth century) surmounted the church. It was replaced in the nineteenth century by the current bell tower. In the interior, there are many interesting gravestones.

  • DéplierSaint Paul’s Church

    Restes de l'église Saint-Paul - JPEG - 62.9 kb
    Restes de l’église Saint-Paul

    The remains of the Church of Saint Paul, at the corner of Languedoc and Lufbéry Streets (listed since 1942)

  • DéplierBeaulieu Manor

    This magnificent manor was built in 1587.

    Beaulieu Manor - JPEG - 15.2 kb
    Beaulieu Manor

    This private property, in the heart of Chamalières, is surrounded by wet moats and so has the remarkable feature of a drawbridge always in operation to reach this small, two-storey rectangular castle, with a polygonal tower projecting from the facade (listed since 1942).

  • DéplierMajestic Pavilion

    The Majestic Pavilion  - JPEG - 66.6 kb
    The Majestic Pavilion

    Built during World War I in the style of the Belle Epoque, it was a hotel annex of the Grand Hotel, which hosted great personalities like the King of Belgium Leopold II, the future Edward VII of England, and Churchill.

    Converted into apartments, it has been listed since 1975.

  • DéplierRoyat/Chamalières Station

    Created in 1881 to serve the thermal spa of Royat-Chamalières, it was put in active service at the same time of the Clermont-Tulle line and the railway viaduct (listed since 1994).

    The Royat/Chamalières Station - JPEG - 11.1 kb
    The Royat/Chamalières Station
  • DéplierFontmaure

    The former Fontmaure Hospital  - JPEG - 27.2 kb
    The former Fontmaure Hospital

    The former residence of the Sisters of Saint-Joseph-du-Bon-Pasteur was transformed into a rest home in 1903, and then was a hospital until 1990. This building has been listed since 2011.

  • DéplierWall of the Saracens

    From the Sully square to the west, that is to the heart of the old town, in the street in the direction of Languedoc, you can see the wall of the Saracens over the rooftops.

    JPEG - 208.2 kb

    These are the remains of the ancient feudal dungeon of the Lordship of Chamalières, built in the tenth and eleventh centuries.

  • DéplierChurch of Villars/The Clarisses nunnery

    This convent, established on the land of Fontmaure, was built in 1930 to host the contemplative Order of the Capuchin Clarisse Sisters.

    Church of Villars/The Clarisses nunnery - JPEG - 16.8 kb
    Church of Villars/The Clarisses nunnery
  • DéplierRichelieu

    This work of the architect Louis Jarrier, former seat of the African Missions, became a seminar of the diocese of Clermont in 1910, until it closed in the 90s. It was listed as a historical monument in 2012.

  • DéplierExceptional villas

    Exceptional villas - JPEG - 66.2 kb
    Exceptional villas
    Exceptional villas - JPEG - 65.5 kb
    Exceptional villas
    Exceptional villas - JPEG - 75.1 kb
    Exceptional villas

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